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We have partnered up with our friends at Olive Roots (Columbus, OH) to bring you our next sinful creation. Many people claim that they can smell Cinn City through the bags so we decided to cut out the middle man and give you a candle that can provide that scent all the time!  


100% soy wax, fragrance oil, essential oil, and a braided cotton wick. All of our ingredients are phthalate free, paraben free, lead free, and cruelty free.


Sizing Guide
Small (4oz): One wick candle perfect for small intimate rooms such as a bathroom. Great for gift giving and sampling our scents. Burns for 20-30 hours.
Medium (9oz): One wick candle perfect for medium sized rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms, coffee tables and nightstands. Burns for 50-60 hours.
Large (14oz): Three wick candle perfect for big rooms, spaces with high ceilings or those who want a stronger scent throw. Burns for 70+ hours.

Cinn City Candles





    Fat T's Cookie "Ohio Cookie"
    Fat T's Cookie "Ohio Cookie"



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