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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance do I need to order?

    • Online orders are typically shipped out 3-5 business days after ordering. Can be as quick as next day or take up to a max of 10 days depending on the size and the makeup of my inventory.​ You can order for a predetermined date, just leave a note at checkout.​​

  • Can I freeze my cookies?

    • Yes, all cookies can be frozen in the individual heat sealed bags they come in. The longest someone has frozen them is 1 year (they honestly deserve an award).​

  • What is the shelf life?

    • Typical shelf life is 12-14 from bake date​. When you receive your we highly recommend freezing them if you do not plan on digging in during the first 3 days.

  • How do I heat these bad boys up?

    • If you have the time, 4-7 minutes in a 350 oven. If you're in a hurry or hangry, 11-15 seconds in a microwave.​

  • Do you have gluten free or vegan options?

    • No.

  • Are these "healthy" cookies? 

    • If you mean low carb or low fat, no. If you mean will these make me feel happy, 1,000,000% yes. ​

  • What are the calories/macros?

    • We do not post​ the calories or macros. We believe calories are notches on the happiness scale and one cannot truly measure pure happiness! Just enjoy yourself!

  • Do you ever sellout?

    • Online orders are never sold out (unless a cookie is leaving and it's the last bake). We do sellout at events and at the Northside Marketplace quite frequently. ​

  • Why can't I find "such and such" cookie?

    • You may see a cookie on our social media that is not currently available because we have monthly, seasonal, and limited editions cookies. Most cookies do come back at their corresponding months/seasons, but some do not. We offer 6 year round cookies; the Regular Rotation 6.​

  • I have placed an order but I would like to cancel it. Can I get a refund?

    • Being a small business that takes our order turn around very serious, we have more than likely made cookies to fulfill your order. We charge a 20% cancellation fee. We only give out full refunds on rare occasions.

  • Do you cater or have options for bulk ordering?

    • Yes, we have catered events from corporate retreats to weddings. We have 4 stages of bulk/event pricing. If interested, please email ​Since all bulk orders have special prices not reflected on the website payment will either be check (preferred) or PayPal (fee will be added to cover our fees).

  • I own a business and want to carry your cookies, do you offer wholesale?

    • Yes, please inquire about wholesale by emailing us at If you are a customer and would like to see them somewhere, let both us and the company you'd like to see our cookies at know and we will try our best to make it happen. ​

  • My cookies didn't arrive when my email said they would! I need to speak to a manager!

    • Hold up Karen! 1. That's not a question. 2. I'm merely the cookie man. USPS and UPS do all of our shipping and we are all human after all.​

  • My package was delivered to wrong address, stolen, or missing, can I have a refund?

    • I'm just a small cookie business and cannot afford the costs to refund circumstances that are out of my control. All addresses are copy and pasted from the address YOU entered at checkout. 

  • Will my cookies arrive melted?

    • We would like to say no all the time. The matter of fact is that we are Ohio based and we get hot and humid 4 months out of the year. General rule of thumb is that if it gets above 80 degrees things get a little melty. The hotter it gets the more likely items will show up either melty or damaged.

  • I received the wrong cookies in my order, what should I do?

    • This one is on us. Send us a picture of the cookies and we will send out a whole new batch (not just the ones missing) along with other goodies. We want to provide the best possible experience for the #FatFam and expect you to hold us to the highest standard!​




Fat T's Cookie "Ohio Cookie"
Fat T's Cookie "Ohio Cookie"



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